Grace Notes

Power – 6/17/2011 – 31

As a Christian, you have God’s power within to change what is with out. Speak His word over your life today.

Outreach – 6/9/2011 – 26

Ministry is not always speaking to thousands. I’m sitting with a Hospice Patient who is dying and giving comfort to her son.

Praise – 6/8/2011 – 24

There is power in praise! “This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it! Set yourself to praise Him throughout the day! You’ll be blessed!

Future – 5/17/2011 – 19

To many people are living in the past! God’s blessings are now and in the future! Stop looking back and start living today! God has great things for those who trust in Him!

Emotions – 5/12/2011 – 18

Are you relying on your emotions? Many Christians go by their feelings and end up in failure. The next time you are tempted to be moved by your emotions, look to God’s word, His word will always lead you in the right direction.

Condemnation – 5/2/2011 – 17

If you ever blow it, don’t run from God, run to Him. God does not condemn you! It’s Satan’s job to condemn! God loves you unconditionally! Receive all God has for you in Jesus! Blessings!

Fear – 4/1/2011 – 16

God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind! Fear not.. God loves you and has great favor instore for your life. Don’t let a “spirit of fear” grip you. Receive God’s Grace and Peace through the cross of Jesus!

Mind – 1/19/2011 – 15

Don’t allow the world or the temptation of the world to squeeze you into its way of thinking! “To be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace”. Rom. 8:6 Be transformed by the renewing of your mind! Rom. 12:1-2. Renew your mind, change your LIFE!

Praise – 11/24/2010 – 12

The Word of God says, “In everything give thanks!” Not “For” everything! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Emotions – 11/6/2010 – 11

Being emotionally ruled will lead to sorrow. Being WORD ruled will lead to life! What are you allowing to rule you?

Praise – 10/12/2010 – 10

This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it!.. Today, find something to rejoice over! You’re deeply loved and highly favored!

Mind – 8/6/2010 – 8

If Christian people would only renew their mind to what God’s word says, life would be so much fuller. Rom. 12:1-2. Renew your mind = change your life.

Work – 7/4/2010 – 7

Grace! God’s unmerited favor! Religion teaches to rely upon your order to be saved or continue in salvation. But Jesus did the work on the cross for us. We couldn’t live up to the 10 commandments, but Jesus did. He was perfect in all His ways. People would rather be justified by their works then by faith. They would rather rely upon their own merits instead of the Grace of God in Christ finished work! The GOOD NEWS is that Jesus did all the work for us! Just believe in that FINISHED work!

Mind – 6/29/2010 – 6

Change your mind change your life! Rom. 12:1-2. When your thoughts line up with God’s word you can’t help but be blessed!

Love – 6/28/2010 – 5

God is not mad at you! God poured all His wrath on Jesus at the cross for our sin. Therefore God is not angry at you anymore! He loves you and desires to show you His grace and favor!

Love – 6/23/2010 – 4

As a Christian, our calling is to share His Love with those who don’t know Him. Take time today to look for opportunities to share your faith! You’ll be blessed!

Grace – 5/18/2010 – 3

Grace! God’s unmerited favor! You can walk in that favor today! His favor is for you to enjoy! Stop allowing the enemy to condemn you! Rom. 8:1, John 3:17

Mind – 5/17/2010 – 2

Wanna change your life? Renew the way you think! Line your thinking up with what God’s word says about your situation and watch your life begin to change! Romans 12:1-2

Future – 12/30/2008 – 1

The Apostle Paul said, “Forgetting those things which are behind”… This new year let’s press forward in Jesus.