Mission and Vision

The Discovery Kids Children’s Ministry strives to create an environment filled with excitement and passion for Jesus. Our mission is to see children come to know Jesus by encountering His presence and understanding His grace and love for them.

Service Overview

Discovery Kids is available for children kindergarten thru 5th grade and is available every Sunday during our 10:30-12:00 service. In alignment with the Hillsong Kids BiG Curriculum, we combine praise and worship, interactive videos, large and small group teachings, a little candy, and so much more to see our children grow in Christ.

Drop Off

Our children’s safety is of utmost importance to us. For this reason, we ask parents/guardians to fill out a brief informational card on each child at our Check-In desk in the classroom. Each child will receive a name tag matching a ticket, which will later be required by the guardian, to check-out at the end of service. If needed during service, a simple text message will be sent. These regulations enable you to enjoy service as you and your children  grow together in Christ.

Empowering Parents

While services do last 90 minutes, Discovery Kids is also passionate about the other 1,500 minutes until we see you again the following week! For this reason, we aim to empower parents to take Sunday lessons home through weekly Discover More handouts. These contain thought-provoking material equipping you to reinforce the main points, memory verse, and initiate discussion with your children throughout the week. If you missed a service, or are simply interested in digging deeper into a lesson with your family, click below!

Meet Our Leadership

Cameron and Madison Morris, leaders of Discovery Kids, are committed to serving your children. “Above all else, we want to see your kids in love with Jesus and begging parents to come back!” Cameron and Madison are always looking forward to meeting and impacting new families. If you have any questions, you can contact them at,